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Shipping & Privacy Policies


Carroll's Gun Shop uses UPS to ship all items sold.  Any other shipping method must be requested via telephone and/or e-mail.  There is a handling charge of $60 per gun, plus actual shipping cost of the package.  Returns of items not used or damaged by the purchaser can be made within a 15-day period from the time of shipment of that item.  Shipping charges will not be reimbursed on returned items.


Privacy Policy:

Carroll's Gun Shop believes that your personal information is your personal property and that you should be able to disclose your personal information at your own discretion.  Carroll's Gun Shop asks that you provide us with enough information to enable us to help you purchase or inquire about items listed for sale from CarrollsGunShop.com.

Information we gather:

The personal information collected from customers is their e-mail address, postal address, and name.  This information is collected directly from the customer, not through the use of cookies.

What we do with your information:

The collected information will not be used for marketing back to the user.  The customer's e-mail is required and will only be used by Carroll's Gun Shop when necessary for communicating with individuals who place orders.

In order to protect your interests:

The personal information collected is not disclosed to any third parties at any time.  All required personal information is never available to the public in any form.

Information gathered by the host server:

When users view pages on CarrollsGunShop.com, the server on which our site is hosted automatically logs certain information specific to the site visitor.  The information includes the visitor's IP address, browser type, originating domain and country, and which pages on our site the visitor viewed.  The gathering of this type information is done by all hosting servers and is not unique to our hosting server.  We receive this information from the host server in the form of statistics which we can use to determine in which areas our users are most interested and view frequently so we can concentrate on further developing those areas of the website.

Carroll's Gun Shop reserves the right to change its privacy policy when necessary.


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